Is The Sixth Sense a Perfect Movie?

I see dead…oh, you know the rest. The guys dig into the blockbuster that made a young Indian director into The Next Spielberg, and broke the box office along the way: The Sixth Sense. When is a twist a twist? When does a movie known for its twist transcend into something more? What movies make the Gomers cry? And where did Bruce Willis get such an excellent head?

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We’ll reveal the results next week on our deep-dive Result Episode on The Bonus Disc ( and the following week after on our next movie episode. Happy voting, and happy viewing!

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  1. Patricia G
    October 15, 2020

    Just thinking about this movie gives me the creeps–I love it.
    It’s hard now that everyone knows they are looking for a big surprise. Does that ruin it for people? I’ll listen and learn.

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