Is Rudy a Perfect Movie?

It’s college football season…but without college football, what are sports fans to do? Why, listen to the Two Gomers talk college football, of course! It’s Anthony’s Choice, and he chooses a movie we’ve talked about for 12 years, but Steven hasn’t seen in twenty: Rudy. Does the underdog story hold up as well when the movie is watched during middle age as is did in their younger years? Does it matter if a “true story” is all-the-way-true? And can we get through an episode without going introspective?

So what do you think? Is Rudy a Perfect Movie? Click “Vote” at the top of, follow us on Instagram (@twogomers), or like us on Facebook ( to weigh in!

We’ll reveal the results next week on our deep-dive Result Episode on The Bonus Disc ( and the following week after on our next movie episode. Happy voting, and happy viewing!

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