Is The Goonies a Perfect Movie?

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It’s a movie so engrained in the Gomers’ minds and hearts it’s difficult for them to name all the reasons how and why – they’re finally doing The Goonies! Yes, there’s a long list of Strickens from the Record. But that doesn’t stop them from gushing about the kid actors, the real sets, the elements of true scariness, and the laughs, laughs, and more laughs. B flat? If they get this one wrong, we’ll all be flat!

So what do you think? Is The Goonies a Perfect Movie? Vote in any of these places: Twitter (www.twitter,com/twogomers, immediately!) Instagram (, next week!) or Facebook (, probably sometime!).

Results will be revealed on our next episode, but our deep-dive Results ep will only be on our Patreon ( for monthly subscribers. Happy Viewing!

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