Is Back To The Future a Perfect Movie?

It’s our first (super-sized) Listener’s Choice episode! After several rounds of voting, the movie to emerge triumphant in our Battle of the 80s Juggernauts was a little-known time travel movie from 1985…Back to the Future! We talk a lot about how good this movie is, because…well…it’s really good. Why is Marty McFly such an endearing hero? Is the Delorean the greatest movie vehicle ever? Why aren’t we totally disgusted by a mom falling in love with her son? Believe it of not, we answer all of these questions!

We know, we know…you can’t believe we forgot to talk about __________. Trust us, we could have gone for two more hours. Hope you enjoy what we’ve got to offer!

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  1. Rory
    May 17, 2020

    If this isn’t put on the flash drive, then this podcast should be ended- and we might need to reconsider democracy as well.

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