Special: Is Contagion a Perfect(ly Accurate) Movie?

First, a warning: this episode is about a movie that may not be helpful for you to watch in this moment, depending on who you are and how you feel. Anthony and Steven change things up and talk about an oddly timely film, Contagion, which takes place during a global pandemic. In fact, hear this suggestion from Maureen Taylor, CBC journalist and physician assistant in infectious diseases: “If you are panicked now, then you should probably give this movie a pass.” If you want to give this episode a pass as well, we understand!

However, we felt that it was worth a special episode. The movie gave us some intriguing revelations, it succeeded in many ways as it seeks to be scientifically accurate, and it helped us as we considered how we act in this unique time in history. Movies have that kind of power, and we wanted to talk about that. Plus, we are our regular selves in this episode, and we know that brings comfort to you, our listeners. Hey, if nothing else, we watched it so you don’t have to! Stay safe out there, and Happy Viewing!

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