Is Jurassic Park a Perfect Movie?

In this, the premiere episode of Perfect Movie, the all-new podcast from the Two Gomers, Anthony and Steven marvel at the miracle that is Jurassic Park. Action! Adventure! Giant piles of poop at just the right time! And you’ll never listen to the score the same way again after Anthony whips out his bassoon love on air!

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Is Jurassic Park a Perfect movie?
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November 1, 2019 - November 26, 2019
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  1. November 19, 2019

    Good stuff. I loved the bassoon and the discussion of perfect fifths.

    For me, the perfect moment in this movie is when they first see the dinosaurs. The music, the camera moves, the editing, the physical effects and CGI, and the acting all work together to create a sense of wonder that rivals the scene in E.T. when the kids on bikes start flying. Spielberg is good at a lot of things, but I can’t think of any other filmmaker who has captured two moments of such pure wonder.

    Also – totally agree that Goldblum is great. But he’s great because he’s not just the levity, he’s also the gravity in the film. Like a jester in a Shakespearean play, his jokes are interspersed with heavy truths – he really carries the film’s themes about chaos and hubris. Not an easy load for an actor to carry, and he makes it look effortless.

    Looking forward to listening more. Thanks for the podcast!

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